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Science and Art Issue

Science and Art intersect in points that we may not see. These world are strongly bridged and complete each other. Discuss this relationship through your work in our 4th themed issue.

Artworks by Shahad AlMugren 

Eligible works: 


Includes poetry, short stories, articles, plays, etc. 

Accepted file types: 

Sent as text or in doc or .docx


Includes all types of art and must be scanned and sent 300 dpi resolution. 

Accepted file types: 

.pdf, .png, or .jpg

Required info: 

1.     First and last names 

1.     Short bio (Career, current projects, interests, etc.)

2.     Submission's title 

3.     City 

4.     Description of the work and it correlates with the theme

5.     Social media accounts (optional) 

By submitting your work, you accept us minor editing text (typos, grammatical, spacing). Submissions and required info must be sent via email: under the title Art and Science by 31/10/2018