Take my word for what I’m about to say,
For life may not be so kind.
Do not try to keep the truth at bay,
Do not let the lies keep you blind.

You may think the boy in the back is calm,
But anxiety attacks his head.
Look at his arms just beneath his palm,
And you’ll find a story no one has ever read.

The girl by the cafe probably looks pretty neat,
But she can’t keep down a single meal.
Overthinking too much when she eats,
Drowns herself in pills so she doesn’t have to feel.

See the couple standing in the rain?
They’re falling in love fast.
But everyday he holds her as she cries in pain,
The medication isn’t working and they don’t know which day is her last.

So look at the world a little differently,
You think you know people but you barely do.
Life is a deadly symphony,
And you have no idea what others are going through.

Jade Abduljawad is an 18-year-old poet and singer based in Jeddah. She was one of the participants in Ward's spoken word event; Beyond the Frame held in Jeddah back in May. Follow her on Twitter for more of her work.