Three Different Trees: The Enchanted (2/3)

Soul Enchanter

Soul enchanter, blessed thee for your enchantments have worked. You enchant the soul of
everything you do; your art, your poetry, your voice is melody. Your heart is pure and warm.
Soul Enchanter, you live in your forest of privacy. Not to say stay or stray, but to contemplate the
birds singing in the morning, and the felines prowling in dance.
Soul Enchanter, many are captivated by your mystery, they are just captives. Far away from
your true gaze, from your source of happiness. Where you stargaze sunshine & amp; moonshine,
where you feel you belong; celestial. Your forest hymns with your breath. Your forest is
enlightened with affectionate self-love.

Emran Arif is a poet based in Jeddah. Follow him on Instagram for more of his works. Check Issue 7 to read the first poem of the series.