My Accomplishment

Eyes wet as a blooming rose, 

On the bathroom floor as we shut off doors,

In the face of my beloved, I stare and enhance,

The trouble we brought ourselves and to the memos, it goes the blame,

Leaving you is the hardest mission I'll ever accomplish,

Unloving you is the worst part. 

To the shallows and shadows of a night after night,

To the empty promises, we needed to hear. 

We said them

Just to fill the shoe of emptiness. 

I loved you even though your love was tough. 

And I held you even though you couldn't get here fast enough. 

She always stood along the way as an independent say,

I collected all the pieces and I walked all the way. 

I had thought that with you there nothing will stay the same. 

With you there my thoughts had me open to the possibility that you would take the pain away. 

But that wasn't it

It was exactly the same

I held every single piece along the way. 

I begged of you to walk away. 

You stayed. 

You had me hurt with your ego as you never called first. 

Everything was exactly the same. 

You made me carry it on my on. 

I through my pain away all alone. 

With no help from you and that's where we went wrong. 

Elfy Rouzi is an 18-year-old writer based in Jeddah.