Yousef Almasoud is a photographer who’s interested in capturing narrative photographs of different civilizations and cultures all around the world.
The story behind the work: Tshamba is a group of travelling bedouins, who are
estimated to be more than 5000 individuals. They live inside of temporary tents located along the southern borders of India between the Tibet region and the state of Jammu and Kashmir, in Karzok village to be exact.
Karzok village is located on the shore of the Tso Moriri lake, which is considered to be one of the lakes with the highest altitude (4570 Meters above sea level) and it is a very cold area.The Tshamba’s diet consists of boiled meat of wild yaks
and horses, as well as barley flour and dried cheese. The bedouins travel four times a year outside of valleys and from a place to another for trading reasons. Most of these people are herders, and that is what their families depend on; they make their daily need of cheese, then trade or sell the rest to get other goods.
All families there practice Tibetan Buddhism, and their religion plays a major role in their culture. Each one of their tents is enough for one family, and they are often one-child families.

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