Contemporary Encamptent


Omar is a Saudi photographer based in Sharjah. His statement about the work is: "Wouldn't it be it nice if to live in a space that's open to the sky, a place where you can walk with your loved ones in an uncovered hallway of different densities and heights that takes to your porch? Wouldn't it be nice to smell the clean air and freshly cut grass around you while you're looking out for the neighbor's kids playing on the streets?  Wouldn't it be nice to see various colored wood and marbles of rich texture for your bathroom and kitchen that's been imported from all around the world just to please your eyes? wouldn't it be nice to have a safe environment for your daughter to walk her dog to the neighborhood park at night alone? Wouldn't it? Or am I asking for too much since I am a citizen of this region and your not, or else why would you be treated this way?" 

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