Issue 7

Issue 7 is considered one of our most diverse and inclusive issues in aspects of content, mediums, and ages of participants.

Moreover, we invite you to our first workshop in collaboration with Alf Kalimah through this issue.

Cover art: Shimagh Series by Meshal Al Obaidallah 

Design: Arwa bin Ghaith 

Edited and translated by: Sara Wael, Ahmed Alkhraisy, and Khaled Alqahtani.





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Ward invites to its first workshop in collaboration with Alf Kalimah. Register now!

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General issues have no specific topics and deadlines. They will be published monthly. Submit now!

Language Issue

Language was described as a living creature that grows and breaths. Discuss with us language and how it shapes our perceptions in our 3rd themed issue. Submit your work now!