Sarab is a series composed of four photographs inspired by the inner conflict that occurs on the path to realizing dreams. Refal Alghaylani uses photos in this series to touch the truth, not to simulate reality but to admit that it is reality itself. All through displaying the gradients of blue as the world of dreams. Language plays an instrumental role in the work, where poetry represents awareness of each stage of conflict and struggle. The handwritten verses reflect the voice of perception, merging the internal human experience with the external reality. Linear strokes symbolize the movement of life in each frame, while the vibration reflects the clouded vision that accompanies seeking a mirage.

In the world of dreams, man persistently struggles, pushing forth towards his hope of finding a foundation.

“Sarab” is the epitome of man’s moment of realization — what he seeks is but a mirage, an illusion. The poetic scriptures are the echoing voice of conscience, growing louder with truth, howling like the wind. A blow that had not crashed his dreams to the ground but carried them away to an unpredictable destination, to the unknown. The truth of a mirage leaves man hopeless, cold and clouded by thoughts. Urging him to continue walking and wondering in search of a new purpose and warmth — a new mirage.


Refal Alghaylani is a graphic design student and visual artist based in Jeddah. Follow her on Instagram for more of her works.