Sometimes life is a lie,
Other times it’s a game.
In the end we all die.
It all stays the same.

I feel out of place,
In this world full of normal people.
I need more time and space,
Because all humans are a little evil.

I may seem quite strange,
But I only mean well.
Stuck with a species afraid of change,
Im trying to break free of my cell.

Feelings left unknown,
Hiding behind fearful lips.
Empty souls forever roam,
Untold love rests on fingertips.

Acceptance by society,
Is something I do not desire.
Im from an odd variety,
For abnormality is my syre.

Jade Abduljawad is an 18-year-old poet and singer based in Jeddah. She was one of the participants in Ward's spoken word event; Beyond the Frame held in Jeddah back in May. Follow her on Twitter for more of her work.