Three Different Trees - World Tree (3/3)

A Poem Titled Chaos

Black, White
The deities of color: White can separate into its spectrum, whilst black is the void that everyone avoids. Much like the two, they exist in her.

There is a pendulum that swings, pinpointing her deep sadness that she covers with her eyes. A misfit, an outcast, cursed by her beauty. As she tries to show people her true self, but they’re blind to see, and none will listen to her cries. Thus, she breaks stereotypes and conventional standards of beauty, just so they could listen intently to the lost child within
“Can you see me!”

Eternally she fights, she brings in the lioness to protect to create to love, to love so passionately she disassociate with all the fighting, she becomes a remnant of her past self. A Void, The Black Deity
Yet she does not know that chaos, Black, has spectrum.

in the span of 20 years, she has found that she has been hurt too many times.
She’s fierce, she’s beautiful, she’s smart, and most of all caring.

All of this is nothing but assumption, but! in her eyes, I will find more

Emran Arif is a poet based in Jeddah. Follow him on Instagram for more of his works. Check Issue 7 to read the first poem of the series.